Theology of the Body

An aerial view of the structure

Part 1: The Words of Christ

  • Identity: What does it mean to be a human person? (adequate anthropology)
  • "Christ... fully reveals man to man himself and makes his supreme calling clear." (Gaudium et Spes 22)

Part 2: The Sacrament

  • Vocation: How do I live in a way that brings true happiness?
  • Applying the "adequate anthropology" to the sacrament of marriage

Part 1: The Words of Christ

  1. Christ Appeals to the "Beginning"
  2. Christ Appeals to the Human Heart
  3. Christ Appeals to the Resurrection

Part 2: The Sacrament

  1. The Dimension of Covenant and Grace
  2. The Dimension of Sign
  3. He Gave Them the Law of Life as Their Inheritance

Part 1: Identity

  • Cycle 1: Original Man
  • Cycle 2: Historical Man
  • Cycle 3: Eschatological/Glorified Man

Part 2: Vocation

  • Cycle 4: Celibacy for the Kingdom
  • Cycle 5: Sacramentality of Marriage
  • Cycle 6: Love & Fruitfulness

Christ appeals to the...

... Beginning ... Human Heart ... Resurrection
Original Man Historical Man Glorified Man
The Beginning The Battlefield The Beatitude
Design Desire Destiny

orienting our desire, according to our design, in order to reach our destiny

= adequate anthropology